1.  Is it certified?
It is certified for ISO 11999 and CE - quality standard.
2.  Does it come fully assembled?
Yes. Escape walkers are fully assembled - so just open the box to start using it. 
3.   What is the seat size and height?
The seat base is 44 cm width x 32 cm depth - it is same as an ordinary dining chair.
4.  Can it be easily folded and put in a small car?
The Escape walker folded size is 89cm x 23cm x 57cm. The Escape walking frame folds with one hand and one click. It folds to fit easily into small car boots such as the Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, and Mazda3.
5. Can it go through a narrow doorway?
Yes. The front frame width is 57cm. A narrow doorway is typically 70cm wide. 
6.   I have weak hand strength, can I still use it?
Escape walkers feature very soft brake levers without compromising brake performance,  and use a unique back pedal design to assist in lifting the front wheels.
7. I am quite tall. How high do the handles go?
The highest handle position of the Escape walker is 97cm.

8. What are the dimensions of the Escape walker?


Escape4 dimension.jpg